About Us

In May 2017 Kyle and Renee launched Blue Saves.

Their vision was to support and give back to law enforcement. A cause that is near and dear to their hearts.

The company was created by Kyle while he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. The vision for what the company could become and more importantly how it could help the community that gives so much to us every day gave him the strength to work hundreds of hours on the designs and website while in the hospital.

Renee started photographing product and creating content to get ready for the launch while taking care of their kids and home while he was away.

They officially launched online and then just two weeks later Kyle came home from treatment the same day their daughter was born.

Unfortunately his health declined for a period of time and Blue Saves was put aside while they had to deal with other more pressing needs.

They are thankful that now almost 2 years later they are relaunching this company in good health and with an even stronger vision.

Thank you to those of you who have followed along this journey and most of all thank you for supporting law enforcement!

Together we can make a difference,

Kyle and Renee Couillard